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Job Title: Youth Development Specialist

Responsibilities include but are not limited to working with MAS members, existing youth development team, volunteers and admin to accomplish the following:

  • Plan and Execute High School Weekend Camp 1-2x a year. This includes creating the program topics and speakers, activities, finding a campsite, setting goals for the camp (# of attendees to target)
  • Plan and Execute a Middle School Weekend Camp 1-2x per year
  • Plan and execute youth mentor training program (16-20yr olds) (4-6 week program)
  • Plan and execute a weekly open youth halaqa system in greater LA (e.g one location on Saturdays and another location on Sundays)
  • Increase the number of middle school and high school youth attending MAS programs year over year
  • Build relationship with parents of middle school and high school youth
  • Build relationship with the middle and high school youth that attend the programs and be a mentor to them
  • Build relationships with at least 4 major high school and community college MSAs. Represent MAS and work with them to augment youth development work
  • Lead weekly Usrah colleges/universities
  • Build relationships with major masajid youth groups and masjid leadership. Represent MAS and work with them to augment youth development work
  • Plan and execute a Youth Leadership Summer Program for High Schoolers. 6-8 week program, 5 days a week during the day time (e.g. 8-4pm). Includes day trips, leadership talks, workshops, skills training, etc. 
  • Plan and execute youth programs for annual MAS convention 
  • Plan and execute a separate annual youth conference targeting middle and high schoolers
  • Give weekly khutbah (for male applicants) or weekly lectures at masajid, high school msa, youth groups, college/university MSA on behalf of MAS
  • Work with youth committee to plan consistent youth activities/events throughout greater LA 
  • Represent MAS to the community organizations, masajid, MSAs, etc.
  • May help with fund development and fundraising initiatives

Skills and Experience

  • Previous experience working with and counseling youth in North America
  • Previous experience as youth group leader with a passion for mentoring
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably from an accredited North American college/university and/or have taken some continuing education classes
  • Knowledgeable in Islamic Studies. Degree in Islamic Studies or equivalent is preferable
  • Good managerial, organizational, leadership, and interpersonal skills
  • Must take initiative and be self-reliant with minimum supervision
  • Computer and online proficiency (Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Social Media, etc.)
  • Well-disciplined and ability to work effectively with others
  • Familiarity with American culture and Muslim American youth issues
  • Must have a solid understanding of MAS’ organizational mission and values and an understanding of the American Muslim community
  • Must be willing to work early/late hours and attend virtual meetings
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with various age groups and backgrounds within the community

Terms & Compensation


  • This is a full time job
  • Competitive salary
  • Salary is commensurate with experience and education
  • Benefits include: paid vacation, holidays, medical & dental insurance
  • Relocation package is available, if needed

Job Title: Administrator

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in Tarbiya department administrative tasks
  • Assist in Youth department administrative tasks
  • Assist in donor management
  • Assist in membership management
  • Assist in fundraising activities and logistics
  • Assist in convention administrative tasks
  • Assist in social media and online marketing
  • Email communication including weekly newsletters
  • Securing venues
  • Logistics and coordinating with volunteers to help take on logistical tasks at events
  • Maintain online documents and data
  • Calendar setup and maintenance
  • Booth setup and representation at events
  • Other duties as assigned by MAS Leadership (Board, Department Heads)

Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree preferred
  • 1-2 years of relevant experience
  • Ability to work independently and does not require a lot of detail/direction to complete tasks
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks, communicate to several individuals, work with competing priorities
  • A collaborative mindset and ability to work with varying and changing needs.
  • Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Takes initiative and is dependable
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively with all levels of staff
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Suite.
  • Experience with canva, wix, weebly, and/or other online graphic and web tools


Hours: Part time

Pay: DOE

Job Title: Program Coordinator

Hours, Pay, Details include but are not limited to:

  • Pay: $21/hour
  • 15-20 hours per week
  • Help coordinate events, recruit youth, and help oversee the program.

Job Title: Youth Canvasser

Hours, Pay, Details include but are not limited to:

  • Pay: $20/hour
  • 8-10 hours per week
  • We need to hire 12 Canvassers
  • Work on the ground to help implement programs, events, connect with youth and community.

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